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Cooking time: 30 mins Serving: 4-6 people

So this is how the conversation has been going between me and my husband for quite some time now. Him: Soo, what happened to that blog of yours? Me: I am working on a new post. Him: You have been writing one for the past one year! Me: Yeaah, I just need an inspiration.. You know, I am   Read More ...

Cooking time: 210 mins Serving: 12 people

There comes a moment in every bakers life when they decide to bake bread for the first time! Mine was a few weeks back. One afternoon, I opened “the joy of cooking” and found myself face to face with “Cheese Bread”. With a hammering heart and trembling fingers I decided to go ahead. I   Read More ...

Cooking time: 35 mins Serving: 5-6 people

Caramel Custard.. Ah! One of the age old puddings that is enjoyed around the world. Also known as Crème caramel or Flan, this super awesome dessert has a layer of soft caramel on top of the scrumptious custard. Not only is it very easy to make, you only need eggs, milk and sugar. Now kitchen   Read More ...

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