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A journal of my tried & tested recipes approved by 8 different tummies!

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*Where were you all these years?
I know I am (really) late to hop on to the blogging bandwagon, but as they say, better late than never 🙂 I put in a lot of effort into each and every one of my recipes till they are perfected (to my taste). All these years I was really sort off possessive about my recipes and guarded them with my life, until now 🙂

*There are thousands of food blog out there, what makes foodie and her feast different?
Most often we come across recipes and pictures that makes us drool all over the keyboard, but when we try them out, the results are well.. Ummm.. different! All the recipes posted on this site are tested at least thrice and approved by “8 different tummies” before they make it. So as long as you follow the instructions correctly, you should get what you see 🙂

*8 different tummies? Who? What?
okay.. here comes (you asked for it btw)

Tummy 1 – My husband. Since Jan 2012, He has been there with me through all my cooking adventures, Successes and failures. I can count on him to provide an honest and unbiased opinion about my food. The best part about him – He eats everything I cook. The worst part about him – He eats everything I cook, faster when its yummy.
Tummy 2 – My Mom. The first person I run to when things go wrong. There are certain knowledge that you can acquire only with years of experience in the kitchen. No cookbook or food blog can teach you that. For me, my mom is an epitome of such knowledge. She always has a way to make things alright.
Tummy 3 – My Mother-in-law. Everything I have said about my mother can be Dittoed here.
Tummy 4 – My Brother. My first inspiration to cook.. His appreciations when the food is good and his gentle feedback (yeah, he cooks too) when things don’t really go as planned, makes want to try again.
Tummy 5 – My Sister-in-Law. I was really happy when my brother got married, because finally I got a sister! It got even better because she is also very much into cooking, just like me. One of my strongest critics, she analyses the contents instead of just eating it. We exchange tips, recipes, tricks and treat.
Tummy 6 – My Father. He consumes everything in moderation, no matter how good it is. But his praises for my dishes are certainly not moderated.
Tummy 7 – My brother-in-law. The only person I have met who does not like chocolate. (yes, I was/am shocked too). But I guess things are now changing, because they other day, he ate almost half the chocolate cake in one sitting J
Tummy 8 – Last, but definitely not the least, my Father-in-law. Probably, the most difficult approval to obtain. He calls a spade a spade, not sparing any emotions, he tells me if he dint like the dish. Getting him to approve a dish is a herculean task!

There is a little tummy that will soon join this list, as soon as he starts eating well, normal food. He is my nephew and just a year old.

*Did you design this site by yourself?
No. I knew what I wanted in my site and how I wanted it. But the great techie who helped me put all that into action is my brother-in-law’s (and now my) friend, Sajin Antony. It would have never been possible with outhim. A hundred phone calls, thousand doubts and million changes later, we finally launched Foodie and her Feast! Phew!

*The recipes are categorised into three. Savoury, Sweet and Store-bought now homemade. What does this classification mean?
In cooking, savory usually refers to all the recipes that are not sweet. So all the curries, meat, soups, appetizers etc you will find under savory. All the desserts are under sweet. Mascaprone cheese, peanut butter etc, that we usually buy from the store, can now be homemade, all thanks to the recipes under this category.

*What is this Menu Planner?
Ever spent hours trying to put together a menu for your guests? Well let me make it easier for you. Here you will find recipes put together to form a complete menu. Each menu is fashioned after taking into consideration different elements like time taken, complexity of the dish etc. It ensures that you take up only what you can handle.

I just can’t help but share those lovely (and super easy) DIYs(Do it yourself) I stumble across.

*Can I substitute abc for xyz?
It depends. You need to try it out to know. sometimes the results can be disappointing but most often it can amaze you.I believe food is a very personalised aspect of ones life. My tastes are definitely going to be different from yours. If you are good with tweaking recipes, please do so and report back on how it went. But when it comes to baking, I recommend sticking to the recipe all the way, at least the first time you are making it. In all my recipes posted, I have mentioned the substitutes I have made from the original recipe, if any.

*Some recipes are in grams and some in cup measurements. How do I convert?
Check out the Measurements & conversions page to know it all.

*I cant find some ingredients in this site from my local supermarket. Where do i get all them from?
Being in cochin, many of the ingredients needed for baking are not available. I get most of the stuff from Bakers, near Padma theatre. There is also The Gourmet House in thevara and Gourmet Grace on the highway. You can also find many sauces and Thai ingredients in Nilgiris supermarket. Other things like Mascaprone cheese, almond butter etc, I make them at home. You can check the Store-bought now homemade section for more on this. If you are aware of any outlets in cochin that I have missed, then please free to add on. It will be helpful to everyone.

*Can I suggest or request recipes?
Of course! Please do so here. But I cannot guarantee that all the requests will be published.

*Can I post one of your recipes to my blog?
Sure you can! All you need to do is link back to my site and credit the original recipe to me by linking to my site. Also, it would be nice if you could let me know, so I can check it out too. Please note that all content in this website including recipes and pictures is copyrighted and belongs to me. If you need to use it or reproduce it, please ask first or give due credit by linking back. Any unauthorized usage will be plagiarism.

*Got anything more to ask?
Don’t hesitate.. ask away

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