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Caramel Custard.. Ah! One of the age old puddings that is enjoyed around the world. Also known as Crème caramel or Flan, this super awesome dessert has a layer of soft caramel on top of the scrumptious custard. Not only is it very easy to make, you only need eggs, milk and sugar. Now kitchen doesn’t have that? A perfect Crème caramel will be wobbly and light. You can make   Read More ...


Birthdays have always been special at my house. They are celebrated with a fan fare and a Chocolate Excess Cake from Cocoa Tree, a cake shop in Cochin. So birthdays always remind me of chocolate cake. This time for my Dad's birthday, I decided to be a little adventures and told my brother that I will bake the Cake. This called for nothing less than a celebration cake. After   Read More ...


My first cake recipe on this blog and it has to be my creation. So presenting to you My Cashew Coffee Cake! I got the idea of making this cake while browsing through the recipes passed on to me by my Aunt. I was looking for something easy and light. The original recipe asked for pecans and since that is not available where I live, I substituted it with Cashew-nuts and tinkered   Read More ...


Just finished writing my about me!! And now it’s time for my First Post! I wanted this to be something special, something easy and something close to my heart. All this points towards that one recipe, My Nutty Caramel Pudding. This was the dish that started it all, the one that made me want   Read More ...


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