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So this is how the conversation has been going between me and my husband for quite some time now. Him: Soo, what happened to that blog of yours? Me: I am working on a new post. Him: You have been writing one for the past one year! Me: Yeaah, I just need an inspiration.. You know, I am suffering from a writer’s block! And this eventually leads to a fight totally   Read More ...


So it is a lazy Friday evening, no evening plans, too indolent to cook and you live in a place that hasn't heard of home delivery. What do you do? Simple.. Make this Easy Peasy Chicken Pie! Okay, now just to be clear, there are no peas in this pie! It is a simple crusted pie with onion and chicken filling. The quantity of chicken used can be varied depending on how fond you are   Read More ...


Chicken is my favorite meat. The best part about chicken is that it is widely and easily available and that it so flexible to work with. And it is soooo Yummy! :) This dish we are about to discuss is one of myself made recipes that came together (so wonderfully) by accident. When the spiciness of the chicken and the sweetness of the plum sauce combine, your taste buds are in   Read More ...


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