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Tasty Nibbles Tasting party organised by EKE!!


Another well organised TP by EKE, this time at olive Downtown hotel..

On Review, Tasty Nibbles – A company into producing ready to eat products. Their products are mainly Kerala cuisine.  Unlike other convenience food in the market, they don’t use any preservatives, and yet is able to deliver food that tastes like it was just cooked. Their factory is in Aroor. The Products have a shelf life of two years which makes it great for people living abroad.

Out of their vast menu, this is what we tried today:


Fried Masala Prawns: tastes just like the one Amma Makes at home. Be warned that it is spicy (just the way it is supposed to be). Keep a glass of water next to you before hogging in!!

Freeze dried shrimps: they are meant to be added to your fried rice, noodles and such things. Available in 3 flavours: Peri Peri, bbq and hot n spicy. They also recommend eating it as a snack. BBQ was nice, hot n spicy okayish (if there is a word like that, but you get the idea right!!), Peri Peri – the one that all of us wanted, wasn’t available!!

Flavoured tuna flakes: they had a good mouth feel to it. Add a few of this, and few of that, sprinkle some cheese and layer it into a bread, you would have a delicious sandwich in your hand!

Tuna chunks and flakes (unflavoured): both tasted fresh.  Need to experiment with it more.. on my shopping list!

Moving on to main course:


Tomato rice, masala rice and coconut rice: I am not a fan of such flavoured rice and had only a spoonful each. I felt it was all a little dry. The feedback was duly noted by them. Also, they explained that since its packed for a long time, they remove the moisture content to some extent. A tip offered by them was to spray a little water on the food before having.


Pickles: yum, yum, yum! #nothingmoretosay!

Kappa puzhukku: This along with the Sardine curry was crowned the couple of the day!! Soft and yummy – like it was just cooked!! I was amazed!

Sardine Curry: The fish tasted amazing. Fresh, soft and melt in your mouth tender. The technology they use causes the bones to become tender, so the fish can be had just like that without the need to separate the flesh and the bones (yaay!! More calcium for you???!!!)

Skipped the sambar as it dint look very appetizing J hehehe!!


Fish kappa biriyani : some loved it, while others not so much. I fall into the former one (as expected)

Last but not the least, the highlight of the day! : Meen peera – I was amazed, it was everything a good peera curry was meant to be and maybe more.. Delicious!!

Moving on to desserts!


We had 3 varieties of payasam, and I skipped all 3 coz they were brown payasam and I have only white! J

The kesari was AAAmazing! I think some EKE members were fighting over it (I may or may not be involved in that)


Overall, it was an afternoon well spent. My notion of ready to eat food has changed completely. I was fascinated that something packed could taste so fresh and homely, that too without any preservatives!! This is specially recommended for those staying abroad, who can fulfil the cravings oh they homeland. Take some Kappapuzhu and Sardine Curry, bring in some alcohol, you have your own DIY toddy shop!!!



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