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Anna Sebastian – The Foodie, Author and (struggling)Photographer behind this blog!

Hello! My name is Anna and I am the foodie that the title of this blog refers to. This site is a chronicle of my daily adventures in the kitchen. I love to cook, eat, read cookbooks, work with new recipes, teach people how to bake, and of course – talk about food. A lot. I am from Cochin, India and is currently living in a calm little place called Chalakudy with my husband, Jino and his family.

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of being a chef, a pâtisserie chef. Even though that dream dint come true, a while back, I started a home based bakery unit called the “Cakeaholic” and used to bake cakes and cupcakes on orders.

I love cooking for many reasons.
1. I feel nothing beats the joy you get when you cook something really delicious, feed it to someone else and see their face light up after taking the first bite.
2. I think cooking is magical, I mean you take some simple ingredients, mix them together and turn it into something so utterly mouthwatering that people can’t stop talking about it even after days.
3. I love the proud look on my mother’s face after she tastes my dishes and tells me how it’s turned out.
4. I believe that cooking makes me a better person. It has taught me patience (immense patience). Nothing is more irritating and more frustrating than laboring over a cake or dinner that just doesn’t come out right. But cooking has taught me to try and try again till I succeed with the recipe. It has made me understand that the delight you finally get when you the smell your bread baking in the oven or take a bite of that perfect chocolate cake you just iced is well worth all that effort.

Other things I love: Happy people, Nutella, Cookbooks, thin crust pizza, Tomato ketchup, to-do lists, smell of old books, dogs, reading late into the night, KFC, early morning sun, green grass, the ocean, pork spare ribs (Big Fan), birthdays, cute easy DIYs, shopping sprees, getting wet in the rain, talking to my mom, big black cars, chicken soup, string lights, playing cards, Christmas morning, the little red bucket that Maltesers comes in, family time and romantic movies with a happy ending.

Apart from cooking, I also indulge myself in tailoring & designing clothes( a newly discovered and learning passion) and my Orchid garden. I have 53 orchids and counting.

The best way to get started with this website is with the FAQ. It will give you an idea as to where to find what :). Can’t wait to bake? Skip the FAQ and head directly to our sweet recipes. Craving something spicy? Indulge here!

I hope you will find the contents of this blog useful and that it will give you the same joy and satisfaction I get when I see the glee on my family’s face as they taste the food. Please feel free leave a comment on any recipe you have tried out or wish to try. Too shy to leave a comment? No problem, just drop me a message.

Thanks for stopping by.. Happy browsing.
Anna Sebastian.

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