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Graduated Measuring Spoons
These spoons are sold as a set that includes 1/4-, 1/2- and 1-teaspoon sizes plus a 1-tablespoon size. They can be used for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients. Be sure to measure ingredients both carefully and accurately. Liquid ingredients should be filled till the brim of the spoon, and dry ingredients to level, unless otherwise specified.

Graduated Measuring Cups
Generally available in glass, plastic or steel, these cups stack inside one another. They can be used to measure dry ingredients, solid ingredients such as shortening and liquid ingredients. These cups are made to hold an exact amount when filled to the top. They are purchased in sets that contain 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2- and 1-cup sizes. Measuring accurately ensures recipe success.

Measuring Scale
A cannot do without item! Small measuring scale can be used to weigh from flour to butter and dry fruits precisely. Use a digital scale for more accuracy. It can also be used for measuring dough balls for uniform cookies.

Used to aerate the flour and to dust confectioner’s sugar or cocoa powder on top of cakes and cookies after they are baked.

Rolling Pin
Rolling pins are used to roll out dough evenly before shaping or cutting. Choose a pin that is made of smooth wood and is slightly heavy.

Shaped Cookie cutters!
The more the better. They come in almost every imaginable shapes & sizes and are used to cut out cookies and biscuits in various shapes. Start by buying the basic shapes and expand your collection as you go on. Dip cutters lightly in flour before using to prevent the dough from sticking.

Ice Cream scoops
Yes, there are more uses of the scoop than just to serve ice cream. They can be used for uniform measures of drop cookies, cup cakes etc. Buy one with a release mechanism, for convenience.

From cleaning excess flour from rolled out dough, brushing egg white on bread, butter or even marinades onto the meat, the use of brushes in cooking are varied. Brushes come in different sizes. Always use different brushes for dry items, liquids, butter and marinades. Store them separately and label them according to their use.

Oven thermometer
One of home baker’s most precious tool, an oven thermometer will check the accuracy of your oven temperature. To prevent hot spots, temperature cycles, and poor calibration from affecting your recipes, it’s essential to gauge your oven’s temperature with a thermometer. When choosing a thermometer, look for one that’s sturdy and easy to read. They can be placed, clipped, or hung on oven racks. Thermometers showing both F and C are an added advantage.

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